Intershop Commerce Talks: Information Architecture

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Intershop Commerce Talks: Information Architecture

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Date: Tuesday February 01 Location: Online event
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On the 1st of February, Intershop will host a webinar about information architecture. Attendees will learn how to get their organization and data ready for ecommerce in 2022. The webinar is part of a series of European webinars, events and communications about Aftermarket challenges for both a business and technical audience. The series will help sales, marketing, aftermarket, spare-parts, services and IT-executives of manufacturers in better understanding the Aftermarket business threats, opportunities and (technical) challenges.

Access to correct information

Today’s business buyers need to have access to correct, complete high-quality information of the products and matching spare parts through easy-to-access channels like e-catalogs, digital customer portals, and e-commerce sites. “When purchasing a spare part for service or repair, customers need to be provided with exact aftermarket information. A tight integration of PIM, e-commerce, CRM and other systems is key to succeed in that.

‘Customers need to be provided with exact aftermarket information.’

Attendees will learn how to aggregate content from content silos with various information types, and how to ensure that content is created once and used in multiple contexts. Consumers of product content are most effective when the content is highly personalized: this means adapted to their role, preferences, expertise level, device they use, position, the workflow they want to undertake as well as to the individual instance of the product they are interacting with.

The webinar will be hosted by Jerome Ciszewski, Sales Consultant for Intershop.