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Lift Days 2021

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Lift Days 2021

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Date: Monday September 20 - Monday September 27 Location: Online event
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The Lift Days are a multi-day event of online b2b marketplace Ankorstore. This year, the third edition will take place from September 20 to 27. In the Netherlands and Belgium it will be the first time that it’s organized. During the Lift Days, Ankorstore helps brands and stores find each other in preparation for the holidays.

Network of 100,000 stores in Europe

With promotion offers, Ankorstore makes it easy for retailers to try out products without immediately going bankrupt if they make a wrong purchasing decision. In addition, brands will have access to a network of 100,000 stores across Europe so that they can increase their reach.

The Lift Days were launched by wholesale platform Ankorstore during the corona crisis in 2020. The idea was to offer retailers and brands an alternative to the seasonal purchasing moments. Moments like these are mainly dominated by large corporations and brands. With the Lift Days, Ankorstore wants to level the playing field and give independent retailers a competitive advantage.

Ankorstore offers deals during event

Ankorstore looked at the results of the previous editions and concluded that brands can potentially acquire up to 80 percent new customers and achieve ten times their average monthly sales and turnover. This is possible, among other things, by giving newly affiliated retailers 200 euros back on a minimum order of 300 euros and then offering them free shipping during the first year. Ankorstore will also offset all import duties between the EU and the United Kingdom until September 30.