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IGD Supply Chain Summit 2021

IGD Supply Chain Summit 2021

Thursday June 17
Online event

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Date: Thursday June 17 Location: Online event
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The IGD Supply Chain Summit 2021 takes place on 17 June and is a virtual event. The summit is here, because more than ever supply chains are determining who wins in the food and grocery industry.

“In the face of adversity, supply chains have demonstrated the enormous role they play in organizations’ success and now is the time to capitalize on gains made”, IGD explains. They ask all interested parties to join them at the Supply Chain Summit on 17 Junes, so they can interact with peers and partners and explore how supply chains are developing new capabilities to serve customers better and drive business growth.

Key topics during the Supply Chain Summit

At the summit, attendees will hear first-hand accounts of business success in the face of unprecedented adversity, opinions on what it has taken to excel and what recent developments mean for people and processes. They will also hear how the online opportunity is being addressed and how teams are developing models to serve consumers at the right price.

They will also learn more about the digital transformation. Because of the push to a more ‘hands-off’ environment, there’s an increased need to find insights in data to identify risk, find efficiencies and add value, explore examples of the digitalization and automation of supply chain activities.

Speakers at IGD Supply Chain Summit 2021

Key speakers at the IGD Supply Chain Summit include:
• Luke Jensen (CEO of Ocado Solutions)
• Susan Barratt (CEO of IGD)
• David Sheldon (Head of Global Supply Chain Development at Nestlé)
• Julie Faulkner (European Customer Services Manager at Kellogg Company)

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