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World Voice Innovation Summit

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World Voice Innovation Summit

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Date: Thursday June 06 - Friday June 07 Location: Barcelona, Spain, Barcelona, Spain
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The World Voice Innovation Summit is a two-day event that will take place on 6 and 7 June in Barcelona, Spain. It provides a platform for key business stakeholders and technical experts to discuss current and future trends of voice as the major interface of communication between humans and machines.

Attendees can learn from experts such as Camino Moraleda (Samsung), Amin Siala (Apple) and Shyamala Prayaga (Ford Motor Company), while exchanging knowledge on smart utilization of voice assistants, voicebots and other smart voice technologies.

With this two-day event, organization Luxata International wants to create an environment for productive discussion on the upcoming voice technologies and on how the smart voice can be implemented into existing ecommerce activities.

Location World Voice Innovation Summit