Fab works hard to be world’s number one design store

Ecommerce company Fab wants to be the world’s number one design store. To get there the company opened a brick-and-mortar retail store, redesigned their web and mobile apps and announce new lines of ‘Exclusively Fab’ products and the acquisition of a online custom furniture maker.

Fab wants to be the world’s number one design store. And who says they won’t succeed? It already is the world’s fastest growing ecommerce site (175.000 members at launch in June 2011, over 10 million in December 2012). Fab originally started as Fabulis, an online gay community and social network. But when that proved not to be a success, they bought the domain and started a design ecommerce site. And that was an instant success.

Now they want to expand their success and one of the ways of doing that is by opening their first physical retail store, in Hamburg (Germany). It will be more like a showroom, where customers can check out the products in person. The founding fathers, Bradford Shellhammer and Jason Goldberg, also announced they acquired the German online custom furniture maker Massivkonzept. This will anchor Designed By You, an outlet channel where shoppers can order products to their exact specifications, as we’ve read at Fast Company.

Fab also put their money on in-house design. It’s now experimenting with textiles and tabletop items, but soon this channel will include luggage and furniture. By the end of the year Fab wants to have 3000 in-house designed products for sale.

Alltogether, it looks like things are going well for Fab. Goldberg thinks that his company will double its sales from 2012, meaning that it will total some 300 million dollars.


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