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French e-tailers want to focus more on customer service

The ecommerce market in France is maturing. And so the priorities of online merchants evolve. A new study has shown that a vast majority of ecommerce players wishes to focus on excellent customer service. Also, many of them want to invest heavily in a good mobile shopping experience.

This is revealed by ‘L’Observatoire 2016’, a study conducted by ecommerce event E-commerce One-to-One. When looked at the investments that are deemed most important, it becomes clear ecommerce companies keep the customer in mind. Almost all respondents would like to improve their customer service, while 96 percent wants to focus more on the mobile shopping experience. Furthermore, 89 percent would like to review their financial indicators to make these more customer centric.

The mobile shopping experience is another priority and today, 84 percent of decision makers invest actively in its development, LSA writes. That’s also something La Redoute experiences, says Nathalie Balla, the co-president of the company. “Month after month we see the irresistible growth of traffic and purchases on mobile. And beyond that, the entire customer relationship is affected by this phenomenon, especially for ready-to-wear clothes and products for in the house, where social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest play a major role”, she says.

Furthermore, 78 percent of ecommerce managers are investing in developing their brand strategy. And investments concerning the modernization of warehouses and chain logistics are completed or in progress by 56 percent of respondents.

Ecommerce One-to-One survey