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French online shoppers expect free delivery

French online shoppers expect free delivery

Most online shoppers in France expect their orders to be shipped for free, depending on the threshold. And one in three online shoppers even expect free shipping for all orders, regardless of the order value.


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There are many factors that decided whether an online shopper will place an order or not. One of these factors is the cost of shipping. For years, many online retailers have lured consumers into their shops by offering them free delivery. But, as it turned out, for most ecommerce companies this can’t be offered forever; it’s too expensive.

Still, free delivery is a popular way to get online shoppers to click on that button and place their order. And as a result, there are still many shoppers who will leave an online store when there’s no free delivery available.

34% of French shoppers expect free shipping for all orders

In France, 34 percent of online shoppers expect free shipping for all orders. A slightly smaller percentage (29 percent) expect this for orders of 20 euros and more. And for 26 percent, the limit is a value of 50 euros. Only 5 percent do not expect free delivery at all.

Only 5% of French online shoppers don’t expect free delivery at all.

Older shoppers expect free delivery more often

The survey, conducted by Statista last year, also shows there’s a difference in expectations per age group. It seems that the older the online shopper, the less likely he or she is to accept shipping costs. Almost half (45 percent) of online shoppers aged 60 years and older always expect free delivery. For comparison: among online shoppers between 20 and 29 years this share is just 28 percent.

Free delivery expectations among online shoppers in France. Source: ecommerceDB
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