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Gerry Weber expands online in Europe

Gerry Weber has expanded its online presence in Europe. The new online shops are part of a financial restructuring the company implemented after it made a restart.

Before the restructuring, customers in Europe could order from a Gerry Weber shop from nine different localized websites. Now, the company has online stores in the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Poland, Switzerland, Austria and Germany, and one for the rest of Europe.

New online shops are online

These new online shops, of the brands Gerry Weber, Typhoon and Samoon, went into operation earlier this month, Fashion United writes. But the company isn’t looking at just Europe alone, it wants further expansion online. “The next step is the expansion of our ecommerce activities towards Asia”, the fashion retailer explains in a company statement.

In January of this year, Gerry Weber filed for bankruptcy under self-administration. The company aimed at restructuring the company through an ongoing restructuring program. Now, the insolvency plan can be implemented.

After restart, better control of own online business

For the fashion company, the digital restart means it can better control its online business. The retail group now has a “highly efficient, flexible and independent front-end ad back-end solution, which leaves all design options in the hands of the company, so that the dependency on external service providers has significantly reduced”.

More improvements coming soon

Gerry Weber also introduced a better product information system, which enables dealers to get more relevant product data and marketing information faster. And it wants to operate a cross-chanel CRYM system later this year, which should address existing and potential customers with even more targeted and relevant content.