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Infographic: ecommerce in Spain

Spain is an upcoming market in the European ecommerce sector. When we look at the current state of ecommerce in Spain, one might think that for such a big country (for European standards) there is still a lot to achieve. But nonetheless, let’s look at an infographic which shows how Spain is doing with online shopping.


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The infographic is created by 4Webs, a Spanish design and web develop company. When looking at the infographic, the first thing we notice is how popular Prestashop is. But this may not come as a surprise, as 4webs sells online shops based on this ecommerce software solution. And the numbers are based on a Google Trends search query, so it’s not something we take very seriously.

But the other statistics are more trustworthy, and to be honest, more interesting. We can see which categories are the most popular and for how much euros Spanish people spend online. And if you want to do some online business in Spain, keep in mind that a lot of people want to pay with creditcard or via cash on delivery.

Ecommerce in Spain