Infographic: European ecommerce grows 18% to €155bn

Total ecommerce sales in Europe will grow 18 percent to 155 billion euros this year. For next year there’s also growth of 18 percent predicted, which will lead to total ecommerce sales of 181 billion euros by 2015. Let’s have a look at a fun infographic full of interesting stats about ecommerce in Europe.

The infographic is a collaboration between and the Centre for Retail Research and all data used for this infographic are also from these two sources. Taking a look at the infographic, it has become clear that online shopping is especially established in Swiss (71% of the total population is an online shopper), the United Kingdom (67%) and France (52%). Countries like Spain (32%) and Italy (20%) are far behind, as ecommerce in these countries isn’t that usual.

With 175.2 million online shoppers, Europe has more ecommerce consumers than the United States (171.2 million), but in terms of percentage the US (55%) definitely scores better than Europe (46%). RetailMeNot also looked at ecommerce sales in several European countries and their predicted growth. The United Kingdom may have the biggest ecommerce market (46 billion euros in 2013), its growth isn’t the absolute number one, as the country’s online sales are predicted to grow with 16% this year and next year. But countries like Germany (+22% in 2014, +19% in 2015) and Poland (+23% in 2014, +21% in 2015) are expected to grow a lot harder.

Total online sales in Europe are expected to grow harder (+18% this year) than ecommerce sales in the United States are probably doing (+15% this year).

Infographic about ecommerce in Europe 2013, 2014, 2015 statistics