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Infographic: shoppers are displeased with delivery options

Having an efficient delivery management system is important for ecommerce success. Improving your existing delivery service can bring greater returns on your operational spend as well as satisfy your shoppers even more. However, 57% of shoppers think that the current delivery options offered by retailers are not satisfactory.


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Retail technology provider Scurri has published a new infographic that focuses on certain delivery topics. It starts the infographic by sharing some basic information about online sales in Europe. It’s now pretty known that about 70% of Europe’s online sales happen in the three biggest European ecommerce countries, which are the United Kingdom, Germany and France. Also, European online sales will double by 2019, compared to 2013.

Free delivery and transparency are important for shoppers
Scurri also shares some information from Royal Mail’s Delivery Matters Report 2014, which shows that online shoppers see value as a crucial part of a retailer’s relationship with them. “That means free delivery where appropriate, and above all, transparency”, the original report says. “Clear, upfront information about delivery charges and returns will keep your customers coming back for more.”

It seems that UK online shoppers have good faith in Royal Mail, as 75% of respondents said this delivery firm would make them use an online retailer again. Furthermore, 83% say they trust Royal Mail.

Another part of the infographic is based on a study commissioned by Honeywell, which shows that almost all of the 800 adults surveyed (99%) expect a delivery to arrive within one week of ordering. Also, more than half of consumers expect the estimated time of delivery to be precise within three hours or less. And four in ten respondents are willing to pay extra for a delivery in which they can designate exactly when and where their parcel will be delivered.

About Scurri
Scurri assists online retailers across the UK, and right across Europe, in the successful delivery of orders in categories such as fashion, FMCG, consumer tech and white goods. It offers a cloud-based ecommerce delivery platform that integrates parcel carriers like UPS, Royal Mail, DHL, TNT, DPD and Yodel with the online retailer’s set-up in order to maximize operational efficiency and delivery choice.

"Infographic about delivery options