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International shoppers are looking for UK online retailers

International shoppers are looking for UK online retailers

More and more consumers from outside the United Kingdom are using search engines to find online retailers who are based in the UK. In the final quarter of last year the number of people who did this has increased by 23 percent.

New figures from BRC show this trend of international shoppers looking for online retailers in the United Kingdom. The report also shows that more people are looking up retailers and products from smartphones and tablets. During the fourth quarter of last year, search volumes on mobile devices increased 16 percent compared with the same quarter one year before.

Fashion is the biggest area of interest for foreign consumers looking to shop online in the UK, while health and beauty products are also popular. The biggest growth in activity has been seen in Croatia, where searches for British brands went up by 106 percent compared to 2015.

Weaker pound gives shoppers more spending power

Martijn Bertisen, UK sales director at Google, says one of the reasons for European consumers looking more and more for UK online retailers, is that the weakened value of the pound has given foreign shoppers more spending power in the UK. He also wrote a piece where he says it’s time for retailers to master mobile. With UK consumers living a large part of their lives online via mobile and 57 percent using their smartphone for shopping-related tasks, retailers should focus more on mobile commerce. He points out that many customers will leave an online store if it’s slowly loading and that consumers are frustrated by constantly having to remember their details and resign into websites.