iZettle launches ecommerce platform

iZettle launches ecommerce platform

Fintech company iZettle has launched its own ecommerce software solution. iZettle E-commerce is meant for current iZettle customers that want to sell their products online and for new customers to the Swedish company.

iZettle E-commerce is available in the UK and Sweden since this week, and will be launching in Denmark, Norway, Finland, Germany, France and the Netherlands later this spring. The launch of iZettle E-commerce can be seen as part of the company’s strategy to extend its commerce platform.

‘Biggest product launch since 2011’

The Swedish company started with solutions that lets small businesses handle mobile payments. “This is iZettle’s biggest product launch since 2011 and it is a huge moment for us. Today’s consumers expect businesses to be present both offline and online, and half of iZettle’s users currently don’t have an online shop and the other half struggle with different complex online systems”, CEO and co-founder Jacob de Geer explains.

Selling via online store, buy button or social media

With its own ecommerce software platform, iZettle wants to help small businesses find new customers and sell more, all from one place. It enables small business owners to set up a customized online store, add a buy button to an existing site or start selling via social media. And everything will be managed through iZettle. It processes all major credit cards and online payments, and supports PayPal transactions.

Instead of setting up an online store, it’s also possible to sell items by adding a buy button to an existing website.

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