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Lesara closes its doors

Lesara closes its doors

The online store of Lesara has finally closed its doors. After the German fashion startup filed for insolvency in November last year and failed to attract an investor later on, it’s now definitely over. The ecommerce company wants to do its best to fulfill orders that have been placed already.

Consumers who now pay a visit to one of Lesara’s many online stores in Europe, will be welcomed with a message directed to them. “Dear Lesara customers, we regret to inform you that the Lesara online store has closed. Rest assured, we will do our best to fulfill orders that have been placed”, part of the messages says.

Customer service active until the 31st of March

According to the ecommerce company, orders placed before the 28th of February will have a return policy of 30 days. Orders placed on this day or after, will have the normal return policy of 14 days. The company’s customer service (including returns) will operate until the last day of March.

In November of 2018, Lesara filed for insolvency. The ecommerce company grew very fast and did raise tens of millions of euros in the past, but still the company ran out of money.  At the beginning of this year, the company was still looking intensively for an investor and in February, it almost found an investor that was interested to take over. But at the very last minute, that investor dropped out.

Dedicated online stores across Europe

The company had dedicated ecommerce websites in GermanySwitzerland, Austria, Italythe NetherlandsFranceBelgiumSwedenDenmark and Spain.