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March: ecommerce events in Europe

March is a very busy season when it comes to ecommerce events in Europe. This month you can visit events in Germany, Sweden, Finland, Switzerland, the United Kingdom and more. We’ve made a handy overview for you, so you know when and where an ecommerce event takes place this month in Europe.

March 7-8: Die E-commerce Messe – Germany

The E-commerce Fair (in Germany better known as Die E-Commerce Messe) is a B2B event that’s focused on large- and medium-sized ecommerce companies.

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March 8: Gmeet – Sweden

Gmeet is an event organized by Swedish ecommerce community Ehandel. What’s special about this event, is that it’s for women only.

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March 8-9: e-commerce Helsinki – Finland

This free to attend event is filled with innovation, inspiration and information. It’s co-located with retail event SHOP Helsinki.

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March 9: D-Congress – Sweden

D-Congress is a major ecommerce event in Sweden. Over 1,700 participants, 110 exhibitors and 35 speakers are expected.

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March 13: e-Commerce meets Fashion – Switzerland

E-Commerce meets Fashion is an ecommerce event that’s meant for players active in the fashion industry in Switzerland and at an international level.

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March 13-14: Ecommerce One-to-One UK – Monaco

Ecommerce One-to-One UK is an invitation-only event located in Monaco and offers one-to-one meetings, workshops, demos and plenary sessions.

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March 21-22: Internet of Retail EMEA – The United Kingdom

The Internet of Retail EMA conference claims to be the only 100% Internet of Things focused retail conference in Europe. Are you ready for the future?

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March 23-24: Digital Commerce Day – Germany

Over 350 attendees are expected on this event that lasts two days. The first day is a conference, while the second consists of several ecommerce workshops.

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March 23: Retail Without Borders – The United Kingdom

Retail Without Borders, previously known as Fashion Without Borders, brings together retailers with online marketplaces and international ecommerce suppliers.

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March 28-29: Home Delivery World Europe – The United Kingdom

Home Delivery World Europe is an event for the home delivery value chain, from retail to logistics.

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