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Mirakl launches its B2B marketplace solution

Marketplace solutions provider Mirakl, has launched its business-to-business solution. The French company developed Mirakl Marketplace B2B to help distributors and manufacturers create their own online marketplaces.

Online marketplaces are becoming increasingly popular among consumers and retailers, boosted by the success of global players like eBay, Amazon and Alibaba. Mirakl now wants to reach B2B organizations who want to increase their product range by offering products from third-party sellers.

It therefore launched Mirakl Marketplace B2B, a solution which allows companies to launch their very own online marketplace. Companies can choose external marketplace sellers, but can also opt for onboard partners, so their existing suppliers, distributors or franchisees have the opportunity to sell directly on their platform.

Online marketplaces well-suited for B2B
“Online marketplaces are as well-suited for B2B as they are for B2C”, says co-founder Adrien Nussenbaum. “The fundamentals are just the same, offering customers more choice, better service and more competitive pricing. With B2B firms feeling the pressure from pure-players such as Amazon Business or Alibaba, Mirakl Marketplace B2B delivers a host of specific features tailored for the B2B market, enabling those organizations to meet their customer needs, without cost or inventory.”

According to the French company, it’s because the consumer market is improving its quality due to same-day delivery, price transparency and great customer service, buyers and procurement teams now expect the same convenience, prices and service when doing business with other companies.

‘B2B must address this ecommerce challenge’
“B2C ecommerce has induced a change in behavior and today B2B consumers expect the same kind of experience as B2C consumers”, Nussenbaum explains. “B2B companies must address this ecommerce challenge or they will face extinction. Creating their own online marketplace allows a B2B organization to adapt to changing markets, remain competitive and relevant in the face of stiff competition from new players.”

The Mirakl Marketplace B2B solution includes several tools, including a negotation tool, quantity discount, customer personal prices, quotation management, catalogue integration, multiple vendor order management and packing unit management.