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More European customers buy from EU-sellers

Last year one in nine European customers ordered goods or services over the internet from sellers from other EU countries in the last twelve months. That’s more than in 2011, when one in ten customers ordered from their ‘neighbours’. A positive development as the European Union tries to vanish the (online) borders between countries.

These numbers come from Eurostat, the statistical office of the European Union. When we check the stats, first thing we see is how popular cross-border shopping is in Luxembourg. Sixty percent of the people there ordered something online from sellers from other EU countries the past year. If we look at the number two on this last, Malta with 38 percent, you could say these rates are so high because they’re small countries and there may be too little shops for their inhabitants. A plausible explanation as the numbers three and four on this list, Finland and Norway, also don’t have a very big population.

Eurostat also shows some interesting stats about individuals that ordered at least one product or service over the internet in the last twelve months. The Scandinavian countries Norway, Sweden and Denmark dominate the list with respectively 76, 74 and 73 percent of the inhabitants that purchased something online. The United Kingdom and the Netherlands complete the top five of countries that are eager to buy online.

Although the eleven percent of cross-border online shopped goods and services aren’t that bad, the EU has a wish to reach twenty percent in 2015. With this adoption growth it will be hard to reach that target.