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Newegg expands to the United Kingdom

Newegg has started a pilot program that makes a limited selection of its products available to customers in the United Kingdom and Australia. It’s an important first step in the company’s international expansion plans. In the United Kingdom, Newegg will face massive competition from online players like Amazon, Scan Computers and eBuyer.


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It’s not a coincidence Newegg, one of the leading electronics-focused online retailers in the United States, is expanding first to the UK and Australia, as these are both English-speaking countries. And that’s something they want to focus on for now. “We’re extending the Newegg customer experience beyond North America, selectively addressing English-speaking countries overseas to begin that process”, says CMO Soren Mills.

Shipping to the United Kingdom
When you now visit, in the upper left corner you can choose to which country items should be shipped: the United States, Australia or the United Kingdom. Not all products are available for shipment to the last two countries. Several thousand products can be ordered, but the product line will expand dramatically throughout the year, the company says.

Newegg now available in the United Kingdom (UK)

In order to ensure their new international customers can have the same experience their current customers in the US have come to expect, Newegg is planning to closely monitor all operational functions as it scales international product availability. Because when you first only delivered to customers in the US, you have to deal with logistical challenges in the areas of order fulfillment, customer support, returns, regional product compatibility and country-specific regulations when you decide to shop to other countries. was founded in 2001 by a Taiwanese immigrant. In 2009, the company filed for an IPO and it then became clear the online retailer has been profitable every year since 2001.

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