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Otto lets customers filter product reviews

Otto lets customers filter product reviews

Otto has introduced a new feature on its ecommerce website. The German online retailer now offers customers the opportunity to filter the most important aspects from product reviews on Consumers now have better access to information from the countless reviews on the website.


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Otto explains this is all possible thanks to artificial intelligence. An algorithm automatically recognizes the most frequent aspects of the product reviews and then identifies the tonality.

“Are the sneakers bigger than they look? How does the material feel? What’s the wearing comfort like? Many customers have asked themselves questions like these and answered them in a product review on To ensure that other customers can keep track of all these product reviews and benefit from the experience of others, we now provide them with an overview of specific topics that you can filter”, Otto explains the new feature.

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‘Nobody wants to read 1,700 product reviews’

These “aggregated reviews” will also be used in all other product lines and thus over 2.1 million products on the German ecommerce website. For washing machines for examples, explanation-demanding factors such as “usage” or “washing results” are the most important ones. “Nobody wants to buy a washing machine online and read about 1,700 product reviews”, says spokesman Marc Opelt. “User feedback is an important source of information for other customers and a key factor in the buying process. It’s therefore all the more important for customers to have easily access to the information they need.”

Opelt thinks that in the future, artificial intelligence will further shape the online retail business. “Our goal must always be to create genuine added value for our customers through innovative technologies”, he emphasizes. “The new filter function for product reviews is a good example of this.”