Outfittery expands to Sweden, Denmark, Belgium and Luxembourg

Outfittery is expanding its territory in Europe by opening its service in Sweden, Denmark, Belgium and Luxembourg. The personal shopping service is now active in eight European countries, as it has already been launched in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the Netherlands.

The Berlin success story may be the perfect solution for men who don’t like to shop for clothes. Outfittery buys them clothes and provides specific and general fashion advices, based on the customer’s needs and wishes. Users first have to answer some questions about their style and size and are then connected to a personal style expert. After about 5 days customers gets a Outfittery box delivered to their home and they can try and fit the contents for the next ten days without any hassle. Customers only need to pay for what they want to keep, everything else can be returned for free.

Back in February, Outfittery raised 13 million euros in a funding round led by US-based venture capital firm Highland Capital Partners. Outfittery used this money to start the expansion in other European markets, but also used it to add more to its line of men’s outfits.

Outfittery has about 70 style experts from several European countries. “Because Outfittery is often known already in a country, before we even opened our service there, we find it easy to recruit people from abroad and get them to Berlin”, Anna Alex, one of the co-founders, told The Hypertimes. Outfittery has 100,000 customers and offer brands including Levis, Scoth & Soda and Tiger of Sweden.



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