Multi-country retailers grow harder than other merchants

Big European merchants that sell online across borders in three or more European nations are growing almost twice as fast as the 500 biggest European online stores as a whole. The combined sales of these 27 online merchants that go cross-border totaled 45.74 billion euros, up 29% from 35.42 billion euros in 2012. This outpaces the 17% growth for the Europe 500 as a whole. Continue reading

1 in 7 orders on Dutch online stores is from abroad

About 14% of orders that were placed on online stores in the Netherlands during the first three months of 2014 came from foreign customers. This percentage has almost doubled compared to the first quarter of last year, when it was less than 8%. So, the share of foreign orders on Dutch online stores is rising, however it’s still low compared to other European countries. Continue reading

French ecommerce grows by 11% in Q1 2014

The ecommerce industry in France has continued to grow during the first quarter of this year, as its total turnover is now 11% more than it was the period before. This growth is being driven by an increasing number of online retailers and buyers, says Fevad. During the first three months of 2014, the amount of online sales reached 13.4 billion euros. Continue reading

The online shopping habits of Polish internet users

As is common nowadays in almost all developed countries, Polish internet users also don’t limit themselves to a PC when making a purchase online. There is even one in every 25 users who has at least once done some online shopping using their e-book reader! Let’s have a look at the way Polish internet users are shopping online these days. Continue reading

Vente-Exlusive best online store in Belgium

Yesterday, the 9th edition of the BeCommerce Awards took place and of all 125 online stores that had a chance at winning an award, Vente-Exclusive got the BeCommerce Overall award. So now Vente-Exclusive may call itselves Belgium’s best online store for at least one year. The ecommerce company will also be representing Belgium during the European Ecommerce Awards that will take place on 17 June in Barcelona. Continue reading