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Online grocery market in the UK: €9.7bn

Online is the fastest growing channel in the British grocery market and is now worth almost 10 billion euros. And 29% of more than 1,000 shoppers polled by research agency Shoppercentric said they bought groceries online in the past month. It seems at the moment the online grocery market in the UK is one of few in Europe that has some serious legitimacy. Continue reading

FEVAD’s key figures on ecommerce in France explained

The FEVAD, the French association of ecommerce and distance selling, published its yearly infographic, which consists of four pages of ‘chiffres clés’ about the French state of ecommerce. Let’s have a look at some of these 2013 figures. Continue reading

Germany’s 7-1 victory over Brazil haunts online stores

Germany’s phenomenal 7-1 victory over Brazil during the semifinal of the World Cup 2014 of course made many Germans very happy. But we’re wondering if this also counts for some retailers, who initially thought they offered a fun promotion, promising customers a discount for every goal scored. Seven German goals made up for some pretty business-damaging discounts… Continue reading

Mcommerce is booming in Austria

Distance sellers in Austria have together sold products and services worth almost seven billion euros in the period May 2013 to April 2014. This corresponds to a growth rate of 8 percent compared to the same period last year. A new study shows ‘dynamic development’ and ‘changes consumer behavior’ in the Austrian distance trade during the period 2013/2014. Partly thanks to a booming mobile commerce industry. Continue reading

Coolblue’s revenue grows by 55% during first semester of 2014

Coolblue, the Dutch ecommerce company famous for its dozens of online shops, has reported revenue growth of  55% during the first six months of 2014, a significant gain on its usual quarterly growth of about 40%. This revenue growth is something Coolblue didn’t expect. It used to think its revenue will grow to 300 million euros this year, but for now the forecast is changed into 350 million euros. Continue reading

The six major ecommerce trends in Spain

The ecommerce industry is constantly changing. Similarly in Spain, where ecommerce still isn’t as mature as in other big European countries. As a matter of fact, ecommerce in Spain only accounts for 5% of total ecommerce sales in Europe. But maybe the next six ecommerce trends may change this… Continue reading

Ecommerce in the Netherlands: €3.63bn in Q1 2014

The Dutch have spent 3.63 billion euros buying products and services online during the first quarter of 2014. The online share of total consumption expenditure is now 22 percent. To be more precise: two in three services are ordered online, while one in nine products is bought online. Continue reading

Only two out of ten Spanish SMEs sell online

The rapid growth of ecommerce in Spain (and pretty much everywhere) has been a great incentive for small and medium businesses to step into the online world. But although a large percentage of companies already have an online presence, yet few have an ecommerce website. Continue reading