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The online shopping habits of Polish internet users

As is common nowadays in almost all developed countries, Polish internet users also don’t limit themselves to a PC when making a purchase online. There is even one in every 25 users who has at least once done some online shopping using their e-book reader! Let’s have a look at the way Polish internet users are shopping online these days. Continue reading

Klarna Checkout launched in Germany, but what is it?

Klarna Checkout is a new solution from the Swedish invoice payment provider, that enables online retailers to offer their customers all the popular payment methods in one payment solution. Customers only need to provide their e-mail address and postcode to complete a purchase. We tried it out at the Klarna office in Amsterdam. Continue reading

Vente-Exlusive best online store in Belgium

Yesterday, the 9th edition of the BeCommerce Awards took place and of all 125 online stores that had a chance at winning an award, Vente-Exclusive got the BeCommerce Overall award. So now Vente-Exclusive may call itselves Belgium’s best online store for at least one year. The ecommerce company will also be representing Belgium during the European Ecommerce Awards that will take place on 17 June in Barcelona. Continue reading

Ecommerce of Switzerland grows to €8.36bn

The online market in Switzerland is growing steadily. Online sales have grown by 15.5% in 2012 and 12.1% last year, so it’s now worth 8.36 billion euros. Switzerland has just under 8 million inhabitants, but more than 6 million use the internet and more than 5 million of them are online shoppers. Continue reading

Promising growth for email marketing company Soundest

Email marketing service provider Soundest launched out of private beta in January, but now has crossed the 1000-user milestone. User growth is more than 50% month-on-month, while online stores from more than sixty countries are using the software that’s built solely for ecommerce sites. Continue reading

European E-commerce Award nominees announced

Which ecommerce players will win the Entrepreneurial Award, the Omnichannel Award and the Pure Player Award this year? Will it be Zalando, Yoox, Tesco or Nespresso? Soon you’ll find out, because on June the 17th, the awards will be given away. For now, let’s have a look at the nominees. Continue reading

Wanted: an one-stop-shop for ecommerce

Ecommerce Europe wants an one-stop-shop for better policy coordination for online sales issues. The association for online retailers would love to see an integrated perspective on key business factors in the European ecommerce industry. The topics this new institution should cover the most are consumer trust, security, privacy, online payments, e-logistics and sustainability. Continue reading

PierreRiu lets customers buy and sell luxury fashion online launched only two weeks ago and the luxury fashion online store has already launched in Poland, Italy and Germany. And it’s not like inhabitants from other European countries have to suffer as operates in all European Union countries. The buy & sell platform enables users to buy and sell luxury clothes and accessories online. Continue reading

Zalando is getting closer to making a profit

After improving the efficiency of its warehouses, Zalando saw its sale rose 35 percent to 501 million euros in the first three months of this year. This growth is slightly smaller than the 36 percent growth it recorded in the previous quarter. Rumors have it that Zalando is planning a stock market listing in the third quarter. Continue reading