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Eastern European ecommerce to grow to €19,3bn

The ecommerce market of Eastern Europe may be the smallest of the four European regions, it has seen in fact the biggest growth in terms of percentage. Because with an average growth rate of 35.7% over the year 2012, this ecommerce market was the strongest growing region in Europe that year. Continue reading

Food retailer ICA Sweden goes ecommerce

ICA Sweden is making advanced plans opening an online store later this year. The idea is to give franchisees the opportunity to run their own local online ICA store, while ICA Sweden itself will start an centralized online store. “We think now the time is right.” Continue reading

Less than 10k revenue for half of Dutch online stores

Although the majority of Dutch web merchants think their online store will be still active in 2020, but practice proves otherwise. Almost half of Dutch online entrepreneurs have had a revenue smaller than 10,000 euros in 2012. About 80% have never even earned an average income with their online store. Continue reading

Ecommerce Romania grows to €600 mln

The local ecommerce market in Romania reached approximately 600 million euros in 2013. Approximately, because these are not the hard facts but based on statements given by the main players of the Romanian online retail market. According to data from GPeC, one in four Romanian internet users buy online. Continue reading

Rocket’s Foodpanda receives €15mln in funding

Foodpanda received another 20 million dollars (€14,8mln) in funding from a group of investors. With this new investment Foodpanda, and its affiliated brand Hellofood, will try to expand its global presence. The goal is to roll out to over forty markets by the end of the first quarter this year. Continue reading

Zalando may be preparing for an IPO

Zalando has gathered three banks to advise the German fashion retailer on what may be Europe’s biggest float since the dotcom bubble. Zalando’s choice has fallen on Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan en Morgan Stanley, but the shoe and fashion store has yet to formally appoint them. Continue reading

ePages sees accelerating sales all across Europe

ePages, an ecommerce solution with most of its clients in Europe, saw some nice growth in the online market. For example in Germany, revenue of its users grew with 14%, while the number of orders grew by 11%. Italian users even saw their revenue increase with 59%. Continue reading

Russia’s new rules might scare eBay and Alibaba away

The authorities in Russia have recently made some changes in the customs procedures which will impact shipments sent to private individuals in Russia. The new rules require formal entry on all dutiable import shipments intended for personal use, regardless of the shipment value. Because of this, online stores from abroad might sell less in Russia than before. Continue reading

Zooplus big winner German Online-Handels-Awards

Pure player Zooplus is the big winner of the Online-Handels-Awards an German award show hosted by ECC Cologne, the German Retail Federation and Verlagsgruppe Handelsblatt’s management forum, in association with Hermes. Second place was shared by Amazon and online music store Musikhaus Thomann. Continue reading