Ecommerce accounts for 15.1% of total sales by European companies

Ecommerce accounts for 15.1% of total sales by European companies

When you look at the total sales of enterprises in the European Union, it shows that ecommerce accounts for 15.1%. When we look at country-level statistics, Ireland is the absolute ecommerce champion, as 52.1% of its total turnover comes from the online sale of products and services. Continue reading

Half of German consumers encountered fulfillment issues

Half of German consumers encountered fulfillment issues

German retailers seem to disappoint their customers. A whopping 48 percent of German consumers say they have experienced problems when shopping online in the last twelve months. Customer’s expectations regarding services rise, so retailers should invest in optimizing their omnichannel fulfilment, a study suggests. Continue reading wins Swiss E-commerce Award 2015

Swiss E-Commerce Award 2015

Swiss online couponing site was rewarded as the Swiss ecommerce champion of 2015, during this year’s Swiss E-Commerce Awards. But a great deal of the attention also went to, who won the Newcomer and Startup award, as well as the main category Body & Soul. Continue reading

64% of Belgians shopped online last year


Slightly more than 7 million Belgian shopped online last year, which means 64% of the population has ordered something via the Internet in 2014. Of all these shoppers, 440.000 Belgians ordered something online for the first time ever. Continue reading

Online sales in the Netherlands have increased by 16%

Ecommerce in the Netherlands

During the first quarter of 2015, Dutch consumers spent 4.4 billion euros online. Last year, online sales in the Netherlands during that period were worth 3.8 billion euros, so this means the ecommerce industry has increased by 16% year-on-year. Continue reading

GLS Germany simplifies the returns handling process


Starting immediately, GLS Germany offers an advanced online returns solution, which makes the handling of returns easier. With the new online returns solutions, GLS Germany now provides three ways to create a return label. Continue reading