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Palletways enters ecommerce market in Italy

Palletways enters ecommerce market in Italy

Palletways Italia, which distributes palletized goods, has entered the ecommerce market in Italy. This is the result of a partnership with White Horse Energy, a UK company that has entered the Italian market with its online sales of dried firewood and pellets.

For over nine years, White Horse Energy has been selling these products in the UK, using Palletways as its logistics partner to get the pallets with pellets, firewood and briquettes to over 20,000 customers. The partnership has now been extended to Italy, where White Horse Energy launched its door-to- door delivery service on the market. Italy is said to be the largest domestic pellet-burning nation in the world, with Italians heating about 3 million tons of pellets each year.

‘Palletized delivery to private customers was rare’

“When we started to sell online in the UK in 2008, pallets were considered a standard for the B2B market but deliveries of palletized freight to private addresses was rare”, says White Horse Energy owner Stuart Fitzgerald. “This new opportunity to take our services into Italy is very exciting for us, especially given Italy’s burning interest in pellet stoves.”

About Palletways

Palletways handles over 40,000 pallets each days and has 18 hubs and over 400 local depots located across Europe. It’s currently active in the United Kingdom, Italy, Germany, Spain, the Netherlands and Poland.