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PayPal Here is coming to Europe

Online payment system PayPal announced last week that it will be rolling out PayPal Here in Europe, starting in the United Kingdom. For the European market, the solution comes with a different piece of hardware. Instead of swiping, customers can now insert their chip-based card and enter a PIN number to verify their identity.


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PayPal explains in an official blog post: “Last year, we launched PayPal Here, which opened up affordable card payments for small businesses in the United States and several other countries. At the same time, we set up a team in London to create a version for Britain and other markets where Chip & PIN payments are standard. We’ve just unveiled the result: a revolutionary card reader that’s small enough to carry in your pocket, but handles Chip & PIN and PayPal payments.”

PayPal Here works quite easy. As a merchant you should download the PayPal Here app and sign up for the device. After that, there’s no contract or whatsoever. Just the purchase price and a small fee for each transaction. You pair the device with your mobile phone and then you can accept secure payments wherever you are. After the consumer completed the transaction you can email or text him the receipt.