Polish coupon website Picodi implements global rebranding

Polish coupon website Picodi implements global rebranding

Picodi, a Polish website offering customers coupons from hundreds of retailers, has grown to become an internationally operating company. But while it was active in many countries, it also used a similar number of different names. It now operates in 32 countries worldwide under one name: Picodi.

Picodi was founded in late 2012 and started as a small start-up with a coupon codes website operating in just the Polish market. But soon, Picodi expanded its offering to several other countries, being active now in 32 countries across the world.

The website just closed down a similar amount of local brands in favor of a single global brand under the common corporate domain .com. The company said that during the preparation of the rebranding, the company found no similar case in such a global scale in the field of ecommerce. We spoke with Eleni Papakosta, key account manager and responsible for the Greek market, about the big operation.


7000 hours of work

“It’s one of the most complex operations in the world of ecommerce, as a result of which not only the brand name changed, but also 32 separate operating websites in different languages with complex alphabets have been merged”, she says. “According to our CEO Szymon Dobosz, the entire operation took a total of 7000 hours of work by 8 programmers, during which 32 databases and an equal number of independent applications were integrated into one.”

Picodi chose for the big operation because of business and marketing reasons. Visual consistency across all different websites saves them time in creating marketing campaigns. And due to the common name, advertising in one country will affect neighboring markets as well.

Another advantage is that Picodi’s international teams are now using one, integrated system. “Previously, they created in fact different products due to different languages they used, but now they share a common objective. It helps us to achieve the synergy effect between teams”, Dobosz comments.

Mobile application Picodi

The company recently launched a mobile application under the same name, which allows users to track the best deals to save purchases not only in online stores, but also in their local grocery shops, restaurants and stationary shopping outlets. So far the app has been working in the Polish, Russian and Brazilian markets. By the end of this year it will be available in all of the countries in which Picodi operates.


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