The most popular ecommerce websites in Ukraine

Ecommerce is getting more and more popular in Ukraine. In June, about 13.6 million internet users visited online stores in the Eastern European country, which is 1.3 million more than in the same period last year. And these are the most popular ecommerce websites in Ukraine.

Online store Rozetka is the most popular ecommerce website in Ukraine, based on information from Gemius. The retail company, which was founded in 2006 and started with selling mostly consumer electronics, welcomed 6.7 million internet users on its ecommerce website this June.

Another very popular ecommerce site in Ukraine is OLX.ua, a website that lists many classified ads and attracted 5.5 million visitors during the same month. And Prom.ua welcomed about 4 million visitors in June.

Most popular foreign ecommerce websites in Ukraine

That’s more than the most popular foreign ecommerce website managed to attract in Ukraine. The three most popular foreign ecommerce websites in Ukraine reached over 4 million people, which corresponds to one in five internet users. The most popular one is Aliexpress, which saw 3.8 million people visit their website, followed by Amazon (411,000) and eBay (328,000).


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