PostNord wants over 12,500 parcel boxes by 2022

PostNord invests significantly in parcel boxes in Sweden, Denmark, Norway, and Finland. The logistics company wants to have more than 12,500 of its own parcel boxes in the Nordics before the end of 2022. And after that, investments in additional parcel boxes are planned.

The number of online shoppers in Sweden, Denmark, Norway, and Finland is growing steadily, so PostNord says it’s crucial to have a convenient and versatile delivery set-up. Aside from home and service point deliveries, it wants to offer the opportunity to collect online orders from a parcel box that’s available 24/7 and every day of the week.

Parcel boxes are becoming increasingly popular.

Investing heavily in expanding own network

“We’re convinced that this form of delivery is set to become increasingly popular as more and more people discover the benefits of ecommerce, and more parcels are sent by mail. That’s why we’re ramping up the pace of development and investing heavily in expanding our own network of parcel boxes in the Nordic region”, CEO Annemarie Gardshol explains.

PostNord has acquired SwipBox’s share of Nærboks

PostNord has now acquired the remaining shares of Nærboks, a Danish network of parcel boxes that was launched by PostNord and SwipBox in 2019. Through the acquisition, PostNord has become the sole owner of the network that consists of 2,550 parcel boxes in Denmark.

The logistics company has announced it wants to have more than 12,500 of its own parcel boxes in the Nordic region before the end of 2022 and is already planning to invest in additional parcel boxes in 2023.

Parcel boxes of PostNord per country

Country Situation in 2021 Planned
Sweden 330 620 (by July)
4,500 by end 2022)
Denmark 2,950 3,100 (by end 2021)
Norway 310 1,500 (by end 2022)
Finland 0 (it uses shared network boxes) 100 (planned for later this year)

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