PSP IcePay expands in Europe

IcePay has completed a €2,6 million round of funding. With this money the payment service provider wants to expand internationally, with a focus on expanding within Europe. IcePay has a so called PSD license, which gives the Dutch company the right to act as a payment service provider throughout the European Union and European Economic Area.

IcePay goes cross-border
already has offices in the Netherlands and in Belgium, but soon it will also operate from Germany and France. Its purpose is not only to gain new customers, but also to offer its current users a better service. By operating internationally, the Dutch company can now offer customers who operate internationally themselves a ‘local’ service they already trust and know.

According to IcePay getting the financing coincides with the recent expansion of its product portfolio. The starter account, one of the four accounts its customers can choose from, expanded with different payment methods, while transaction costs reduced.

IcePay was founded in 1999 by Steven de Boer and offers payment solutions for websites and webshops. With an IcePay account once can manage all online payments. Customers can choose between four different accounts, whereas the basic account (€9,95 per month) only covers iDeal, PayPal and Paysafecard payments, while for example the ‘blue account’ (€99,95 per months) covers all payment methods and there’s also a personal account manager available.

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