Redesign for online furniture company Home24

Home24, the online furniture company from Rocket Internet, has doubled the number of its customers to 1 million and had started with optimizing and redesigning its online store so customers get more inspiration when buying furniture online.

Home24 has not only reached the milestone of one million customers, it also launched its new online store. The rivised website contains larger product images, an intuitive and simple structure and several new configuration options which should lead to an even better shopping experience.

Philipp Kreibohm, CEO of Home24, explains the need for a redesign by telling inspiration is, similar to the fashion industry, a big issue when buying furniture. “With the relaunch of the website and our digital showroom, every day we now offer our customers new ideas for a more beautiful home.” According to Domenico Cipolla, COO at the online furniture store, the people at Home24 have learned a great deal about the needs and desires of their customers. “This experience┬á comes together in our new online store. We now offer the best solution for buying furniture online in Germany.”

The focus of the new shop is primarily on an optimized product presentation. The product pages are more clearly structured, so customers can now easily select from the range of over 95,000 products and navigation on the website is now happening via icons, which should improve the convenience of visiting the website.

In August 2013 Home24 celebrated its 500,000th customers as it now doubled the number of customers in less than a year. Home24 claims to be Germany’s largest online furniture store, with over 95,000 products from more than 350 manufacturers. The company is headquartered in Berlin and currently employs over 300 people. Home24 is also active in the European countries France, Austria, the Netherlands and Switzerland.

The new website of online furniture store Home24.


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  • Rafael Trist

    wow actually this is a well-made online store – don’t like the brand name though. I am from Germany and here our magazines are often excited about what the guys behind Rocket Internet – the famous and infamous Samwer Brothers ­čśë – are doing. Their methods on the one hand seem to be problematic, but on the other hand their success is incredible. This online store seems to be just another little part of their great success story. You know, I am responsible for a, lets say small competitor named Moebelana and I think our webshop’s not that bad either. It is even mobile friendly what, of course, is vital today. But against such powerful “opponents” like the Samwers’ projects are it’s a even a struggle to get a good google ranking. hard times for the small.

  • Redesigning a website is really important for the online businesses to be in the game.Home24 latest web design is really cool. Great work.