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Regarding press releases…

Dear PR companies and others who send us press releases,

First of all many thanks for thinking about us and sending us your news. We really appreciate it.

However, there are some companies who send us the kind of press releases we don’t like. At all. They use vague buzz words like “innovative”, “disruptive”, “in a way inaccessible before”, “first of its kind” et cetera.

We are from the Netherlands and here we have an expression that says “doe maar gewoon dan doe je al gek genoeg”, which means “just act normal, then you’re acting crazy enough as it is!”. In other words, we are very down-to-earth and kind of allergic to beating around the bush. Just tell us the news you would like to share, so we can scan the press release and decide if it’s interesting for our readers. If we have to struggle through five alineas of gibberish PR language, we just send a kindly “thanks for your mail, but we won’t publish it” note and delete the mail. And we will view your next mail with a highly critical eye.

So, please: keep it simple.

With kind regards,

The team