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Sarenza sells 7 million items, opens mobile store

Sarenza sold their 7 millionth item. The French online shoe store achieved this milestone after eight years of existence. More notable is the fact it already sold 1 million items in the last four months. Sarenza wants to grow even further by launching a mobile online store.


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With the new mobile store Sarenza wants to give ‘shoeaholics’ the opportunity to look around in their collection of at least 600 brands for men, women and children at any time, at any place and from every possible smartphone, tablet or laptop. The launch of the mobile website is an important step, says CEO Stéphane Treppoz. “Last year ten percent of our visitors was a mobile shopper. I expect a lot of this mobile website, the associated product offerings and our mobile customers.”

Back to the achieved milestone. It seemed that an Italian customer, who bought some Steve Madden sandals, was the person to buy Sarenza’s 7 millionth sold item. We don’t know if that woman got some present, but if she does, it wouldn’t be free delivery. Because that’s something Sarenza offers permanently, regardless of the order value. That and a free return service makes it a customer friendly shop, although in some countries it can be very frustrating to wait for almost a week to get your order shipped at your home.

Be that as it may, Sarenza offers more than 600 brands, more than 40.000 different models and it has some one million items on stock. Sarenza started in France and had its first international opening in October 2009 when it launched the British website in December 2010, followed by the Italian and German websites. In 2011 Sarenza launched a Spanish and a Dutch online store, and last year it opened an European website which delivers to numerous countries in North and East Europe.