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SEOshop expands to other countries

The Dutch ecommerce solution SEOshop is spreading its wings to other countries. The company is in any case being very ambitious, as it tends to quadruple their customer base. SEOshop, self-appointed as the fastest growing ecommerce platform of Europe, is a hosted ecommerce solution that allows retailers to set up  and run their own online store.

In 2012 there were approximately 2500 online shops that were running using SEOshop. The intention for 2013 is to let the customer base grow to some 10,000 online hosted ecommerce sites. Such growth won’t happen if SEOshop focuses only on the Netherlands. That’s why they are expanding internationally with the websites,, and We know for a fact that SEOshop for this year wants some 1500 customer sites in Germany, whether or not via integrations with, for example, eBay and Amazon.

But we all know a Dutch online shop is different from a online shop from Germany, Belgium or the UK. So SEOshop is still tweaking their website and software so it will meet the expectations customers in those countries have.

Meanwhile, SEOshop wasn’t only busy with spreading their wings to other countries. It also expanded their appstore. The SEOshop ecosystem now also hosts apps from software like retour management solution 12Return and accountancy solutions Yuki and Twinfield. Others app are still underway. SEOshop also enabled integrations with PostNL Checkout, the checkout solution from the Dutch mail & parcel corporation PostNL.

And if all that is not enough, SEOshop is also trying to expand the number of employees that work for them.  On their jobs page they are looking for several accountmanagers, php developers and interns. So, new markets, new software features, new employees and even a new office, SEOShop looks to be ready for the future!