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Shop Direct’s comparison tool boosts its conversion

Shop Direct’s comparison tool boosts its conversion

Customers from UK ecommerce company Shop Direct can now virtually compare the size of products they want to buy with a model in their own size or with items they already own. And this technology benefits the UK’s second largest pure-play online retailer as it contributed to a 10.3% increase in net revenue per visitor.


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The ecommerce technology allows customers to virtually compare the size of products they want with a model in their own size or items they already own. This size comparison technology has been developed by Shop Direct’s partner Tangiblee and has helped Shop Direct to boost mobile sales conversion across a number of product categories on its websites, and


Shop Direct tested the technology by showing it to half of mobile device customers who visited product pages across the categories purses, handbags and luggage. The other half didn’t get to see or use the comparison tool. “The test found that the technology contributed to a 10.3% and 7.2% increase in net revenue per visitor and customer sales conversion respectively across product pages where the tool featured, compared with those pages where it was not present”, the company says. “Meanwhile, 17.1% of the customers who saw the size comparison tool used it and interacted with it for an average of 28.6 seconds.”


Shop Direct has now rolled out the technology to all visitors to its sites. It’s working with Tangiblee to trial the latest version of the platform for watches and jewellery.

About Shop Direct
Shop Direct is the UK’s second largest pureplay online retailer, with annual sales of almost 2.25 billion euros. It owns digital department store brands, and and receives about 1 million website visits per day. More than 59 percent of online sales are completed on a mobile device.