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Shopware launches Shopware Connect

Shopware launches Shopware Connect

Shopware, the German provider of ecommerce software, has launched Shopware Connect. Now other ecommerce software systems and major suppliers can also access the system. In other words, it allows retailers to add products from other merchants, suppliers & manufacturers.

Shopware Connect launched this week, but unfortunately it’s only available for customers in Germany for now. Retailers who want to be informed as soon as Shopware Connected becomes available in their country, can fill in a contact form on the website.

Shopware Connect has been designed to be as simple and quick as possible. Shopware customers are already part of the Connect universe, because the platform is a free part of Shopware and is integrated into the backend from version 5.2.6. It should help retailers build new business relationships and expand their product offering. Via Shopware Connect, retailers can find the appropriate dealers, distributors or manufacturers. Delivery to customers happens via dropshipping.

Shopware Connect - find products


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