Shopware Markets launched

Shopware Markets launched

Ecommerce software provider Shopware has released the latest version of its software. The most important new feature is Shopware Markets. This service enables shop owners to seamlessly connect their online shop to the Amazon and eBay marketplaces.

Today, Shopware 6.4 is released. The company dubs this the biggest Shopware 6 update ever. This has everything to do with a new feature: Shopware Markets. “Retailers often see the extra effort of having to list their products and handle sales outside their usual processes as cumbersome. Shopware Markets removes these hurdles”, the German provider of ecommerce software promises.

Connect with Amazon and eBay

With the update, online shop owners who use Shopware can now connect their ecommerce website with the popular marketplaces of Amazon and eBay. Orders through these platforms appear directly in the admin panel of Shopware.

Transferring an unlimited number of products

The new feature is available in various price packages: the basis edition, the Plus edition and the Pro edition. The last two packages allow online shop owners to transfer an unlimited number of products to the marketplace. And with Pro, transaction fees are also reduced, the company explains.

Shopware Markets is available in three versions.

For online shop owners who are already selling on Amazon and/or eBay, there is an option to include existing products so that they don’t have to delete any of them in order to synchronize the shop.

Shopware Markets - Prices 2021

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