Strato is stepping up in Europe

Strato, one of Europe’s largest webhosting companies, is stepping up its game. It recently relaunched their software in the Netherlands by offering more features for less money. It already established a successful relaunch strategy in Spain and Germany.

Strato, headquartered in Berlin, was founded in 1997 and is now active in Germany, Italy, France, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom. Recently it uncovered its plans to be the best hosting provider in the Netherlands. It tries to achieve this by offering a complete new product range and by offering better quality at lower prices.

The German company is confident its strategy will succeed in the Netherlands. And they have soms facts to back them up. They also relaunched their portfolio of products in Germany and Spain. In Germany the number of orders increased by forty percent and in Spain, where they lowered their prices by an average of thirty percent, clients ordered four times as many products as before the relaunch. Now we wait to see what will happen in the Netherlands and if maybe Strato will do a relaunch strategy in other countries.


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