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Swedish e-tailer Caliroots expands to the Netherlands

Caliroots, a Swedish online retailer of streetwear and sneakers, has launched a tailored ecommerce website for the Dutch market. According to Caliroots, the Netherlands has been on the company’s list of top 10 markets for a while and now they are launching, in Dutch and with the popular local payment method iDeal.

Caliroots says the company keeps on growing internationally, and with a strong focus on Europe it is continuing to do so by pinpointing and optimizing their services for new markets. Now it launched, an optimized website for the Dutch market. “The main difference is local language, faster deliveries and local payment methods through iDeal.”

The ecommerce website offers tons of streetwear and sneakers and ships orders with a minimum value of 100 euros for free in 2 to 4 days. Items can be refunded for 30 days and, aside from iDeal, the company accepts also PayPal, Visa and Mastercard payments.

‘iDeal is perfect for our international growth’

It seems like Caliroots is particularly happy with the iDeal integration, because this news forms the headline of the press release it sent out to announce the expansion to the Netherlands. “By giving consumers the ability to pay through online banking with real-time confirmation, followed by an irreversible transfer into the retailer’s account, iDeal is perfect for immediate online payment and also for Caliroots’ international growth”, the Swedish retailer says.

About Caliroots

Caliroots was founded in Sweden in 2003. In 2014, the company acquired Swedish retailer Hollywood, which also sells streetwear and shoes, together with items such as skateboards, longboards and snowboards. Caliroots consists of three different concepts: Six Feet Down, Cali OG and C Store. The company has a turnover of 200 million Swedish kronor (€21.7 million) with a large proportion of international sales online. Caliroots has 8 phyiscal stores in Sweden and is headquartered in Stockholm.