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Swedish ecommerce continues to grow

The ecommerce industry in Sweden is booming, as its growth continues to increase. Even in the second quarter of this year, which is often a weak quarter, positive numbers continued to show up. Ecommerce in Sweden could face a total growth of 18 percent and a turnover of 37,3 billion Swedish Kronor (€4,3bn) this year.

In the fourth quarter of 2012, ecommerce in Sweden grew 17 percent, while in the first quarter of 2013 this growth continued as the industry grew by 18 percent. And while in the previous years the second quarter didn’t seem doing that well, the second quarter this year did. Ecommerce grew by 19 percent. “A record growth that may indicate that ecommerce in 2013 is facing a total growth of 18 percent and a turnover of 37 billion (excluding services)”, writes. This way 2013 could be the best year since 2007, when ecommerce grew by 24 percent.

Predicted growth for ecommerce in Sweden 2013
Swedish ecommerce growth per quarter

Ecommerce expert Arne Andersson tells that companies should watch out for overboldness. The need for better integration of mobile and physical locations has only increased. “Retailers need to realise that the consumer determines when, how and where they want to shop.”

Consumer electronics continues to be the largest and one of the fastest growing online industries, with a growth of 21 percent in the second quarter this year. Percentage wise sports & leisure saw, with 31 percent, the biggest growth in Q2 2013.