Swedish startup Tictail simplifies process of selling online

Swedish startup Tictail simplifies process of selling online

Starting an online shop to sell some stuff is made even easier now Tictail has entered the market. This ten-month-old startup from Sweden wants to make selling things online a mere trifle for anyone who ever wanted to run a shop online. In minutes you can start selling en earning.

It will take just a few steps to run your online store via Tictail. Upload some pics, name your prices, link your shop to a PayPal account and you’re practically done. Founder Carl Waldekranz thinks that retailers are more concerned with the products they sell than they are with things like search engine optimalisation. And if your main focus is selling products online than Tictail is a good choice. Check the video to see how simple it can be:

Like we said, Tictail is only ten months old. But it already has some 10.000 users, coming mainly from Sweden and the United States. But with seed funding of €1.2mln ($1.57mln) it may be trying to boost growth in Western Europe. Tictail is free, but wants to earn money with selling several extensions to retailers.


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