European E-commerce Award nominees announced

Which ecommerce players will win the Entrepreneurial Award, the Omnichannel Award and the Pure Player Award this year? Will it be Zalando, Yoox, Tesco or Nespresso? Soon you’ll find out, because on June the 17th, the awards will be given away. For now, let’s have a look at the nominees. Continue reading

Wanted: an one-stop-shop for ecommerce

Ecommerce Europe wants an one-stop-shop for better policy coordination for online sales issues. The association for online retailers would love to see an integrated perspective on key business factors in the European ecommerce industry. The topics this new institution should cover the most are consumer trust, security, privacy, online payments, e-logistics and sustainability. Continue reading

European online sales in 2013

The ecommerce industry in Europe has reached a turnover of 352 billion euros in 2013. Which makes this region a bigger ecommerce market than Northern America or Asia Pacific. The biggest ecommerce countries in Europe are the United Kingdom, France and Germany, as they account for 60% of all online sales. Continue reading

Cross-channel will account for 44% of retail sales by 2018

The number of cross-channel consumers will increase in the future. By 2018, about 44% of in-store sales will have been influenced by the internet. In the next few years, more people will research products at home or in the store using a sales assistant’s tablet or their own mobile device before they decide to buy something in store. Continue reading

Cross-border ecommerce flourishes in Europe

Partly as a result of lawmakers wanting to create a single online retail infrastructure and regulation, cross-border ecommerce is thriving in Europe. As a matter of fact, more than a quarter of online shoppers in the European Union have made purchases from other EU countries. In the Euro area this share is even higher. Continue reading

An overview of mcommerce in Europe

Mobile shopping is well established in Europe. Mcommerce takes actively place in developed countries like the United Kingdom, the Netherlands and Germany, but it is also growing fast in more emerging markets like Russia or Turkey. For almost every country there’s something to say about its usage of mobile devices on online shopping, so let’s have a look at an overview of mcommerce in Europe… Continue reading

H&M most valuable retail brand in Europe

Interbrand published its ‘Best Retail Brands’ list for the fourth time and this year it seems that Hennes & Mauritz (H&M) is Europe’s most valuable retail brand. The original Swedish fashion company is ranked as the top retailer in Europe with 13.11 billion euros. The world’s most valuable retail brand is Walmart, which has an estimated brand value of 95.15 billion euros. Continue reading

Visa’s digital wallet service gets more support in Europe

Visa Europe have announced this week new partnerships with 15 European internet payment service providers, which will increase the reach of its digital wallet This service has now access to their extensive ecommerce merchant portfolios and Visa expects many more retailers will follow and be capable of processing transactions by the end of this year. Continue reading

EMOTA launches European trustmark for ecommerce

The European Multi-channel and Online Trade Association launched its European trustmark for online merchants yesterday. The association, which claims to represent more than 80% of the ecommerce industry in Europe, establishes harmonized certificate criteria for all national trustmarks in Europe. Continue reading

Infographic: European ecommerce grows 18% to €155bn

Total ecommerce sales in Europe will grow 18 percent to 155 billion euros this year. For next year there’s also growth of 18 percent predicted, which will lead to total ecommerce sales of 181 billion euros by 2015. Let’s have a look at a fun infographic full of interesting stats about ecommerce in Europe. Continue reading

‘Europe is missing the digital revolution’

Europe is not investing enough in the Web. Out of 35 countries, only 9 have at least half of their companies online. And in terms of ecommerce it’s not particularly better. The United Kingdom and the Czech Republic are performing best, although only 11% of their businesses present online have the internet opted as (extra) sales channel. Continue reading

European consumers want both stores and ecommerce

European consumers are asking more and more for interdependence between offline stores and the internet. And for the first time in five years Europeans feel that their personal situation is improving. And because curbs to online buying have gradually been removed, ecommerce in Europe is still rising sharply. Continue reading

L’Oréal and eBay settle dispute in counterfeit case

L’Oréal and eBay have finally reached a settlement in a counterfeit case that has been rumbling on for over six years. Since 2007, the two firms were arguing about the sale of counterfeit L’Oréal goods that were being sold on the online marketplace EBay. Continue reading

Choice In eCommerce hands over petition to EC

Choice in eCommerce has handed over a petition yesterday, which was signed by more than 14,000 online merchants from all over Europe, to Olli Rehn, Vice-President of the European Commission. The petition calls on manufacturers and brand owners to refrain from imposing sales restrictions or prohibitions on online merchants. Continue reading

ChannelGrabber adds Fruugo to its platform

ChannelGrabber, the British multichannel stock, order and listing management software, has announced the addition of Fruugo, a cross-border marketplace operating in 23 countries. The planned integration will go live in the first quarter of 2014 and this partnership will enable retailers to sell their goods to shoppers worldwide. Continue reading