Yoox launches marketplace

Online high-end fashion retailer Yoox has announced the launch of its first marketplace. The marketplace will intregrate small businesses and brands, which will also enhance Yoox's assortment. The marketplace is launched in Europe and will expand across the US, North Africa, Japan and the Middle East next year.

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Popular payment methods in Europe in 2022

Payment methods are an integral component to the success of ecommerce businesses. Knowing which payment methods are preferred by customers can increase conversion for online stores. Genome, a Lithuania-based financial platform, made a list of the current trends and most popular methods in Europe.

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SwipBox: 10 thousand lockers in 2021

SwipBox, the parcel locker company from Denmark, has had a good year. The number of lockers has tripled to 10 thousand. The amount of customers has also doubled in 2021, thanks to the pandemic boom in ecommerce as well as increased sales of their smart lockers, the company says.

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