Arvato uses most robots in one location in Europe

Arvato Supply Chain Solutions, a supply chain management service provider from Germany, began the use of AutoStore operations in Dortmund today. They will use the largest number of robots in one location in Europe. Approximately 180,000 bins and 280 robots can be used in the new hall.

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Shopware announces new features

Ecommerce software provider Shopware has announced that it will release two new software features: Flow Builder and Guided Shopping. This will make it easier for shop owners to customize the open source software.

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Deutsche Post DHL acquires Hillebrand

Deutsche Post DHL Group has announced it will acquire J.F. Hillebrand Group and its subsidiaries. Hillebrand is specialized in transporting beverages and bulk liquids. The world's largest courier company will pay 1.5 billion euros in cash for the German beverage logistics company.

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