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The Dutch spent 6.58 billion euros online during first half of 2014

Dutch consumers bought 53 million products and services online worth 6.58 billion euros during the first six months of 2014. This corresponds to the ecommerce industry being responsible for 18% of all spending in the Netherlands. Almost 4% of all purchases were done online during this half year.

These numbers come from the latest Thuiswinkel Markt Monitor, a study conducted every quarter by research company GfK and with help of parcel courier PostNL. This also shows that online spending in the first half of this year grew by almost 6% compared to the same period last year. This is mostly thanks to the growth of online spending on products (+17%). The online spending on services declined by 3%, mostly due to the fact this year less insurances were taken out.

110 million items, worth €13.5bn in 2014
It’s expected the total online spendings in 2014 will reach €13,5 billion, which also corresponds to a growth of 6% compared to last year. The number of purchases is probably going to grow harder, by 8%, so total online purchases in 2014 will reach 110 million items.

According to Wijnand Jongen, director of, the most striking figure is the strong growth in online spending on products. “Especially when we compare this with indicators showing a 4% decline in offline spending on products.”

4 million mobile shoppers in The Netherlands
In the Netherlands there were about 11.76 million online shoppers during the first six months of 2014. This means that 85% of the total population (of people at least older than 15) has bought something online during this period. The country has about 4 million mobile shoppers, which corresponds to 34% of all online shoppers.

The most used device for online shopping is the tablet. Of all online shoppers, 25% has used this device at least once for purchasing something via the internet. And 15% of all Dutch people has used their smartphone for ordering something online.

Carlos Mendes Aguiar from PostNL states: “More and more purchases are being completed while ‘on the move’. We’ve noticed that online consumers decide when and where they want to receive their orders, whether that be at home, at work or on a PostNL pick-up point.”

Thuiswinkel Markt Monitor Q2 2014