The online shopping habits of Polish internet users

As is common nowadays in almost all developed countries, Polish internet users also don’t limit themselves to a PC when making a purchase online. There is even one in every 25 users who has at least once done some online shopping using their e-book reader! Let’s have a look at the way Polish internet users are shopping online these days.

Gemius prepared a report called “E-commerce w Polsce 2014. Gemius dla e-Commerce Polska” and in this, we found out that every third Polish internet user has at least once ordered something online using their smartphone, and every fifth did so on a tablet. And believe it or not, but almost 4 percent of the internet users surveyed used a e-book reader to order something online. But apart from all these modern devices, there’s still plenty of love for the good old laptop (86%) and desktop computer (69%). The study also shows that a lot Polish internet users shop on a mobile phone screen and complete their purchase on a computer or tablet.

The shift from PCs to tablets and smartphones is changing the business, says Gemius’ ecommerce expert Mateusz Gordon. „In practice, the growing number  of mobile devices means a totally different user behaviour pattern. This concerns the ways of spending free time, frequency of browsing online content, as well as shopping. Poles utilize a number of channels at a time. The awareness of this trend should be reflected in a new model of business presence on the web.”

Men complained more than women
When asked about the obstacles they face when shopping online on a mobile device, men complained about unfriendly forms (73%), unsuitability of website (63%), complicated procedures for finalizing transactions (54%) and lack of mobile apps (45%). Women were mostly concerned about fonts being too small (51%) and uncomfortable payment methods (29%).

According to Michał Kot, research director at IIBR, shopping on mobile device is still difficult and websites are poorly adapted for mobile use. „The barrier may be key in the purchase process and our potential customer may be easily discouraged and quickly skip to a website better suited to such devices.”

The online shopping habits of Polish internet users

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