There are 85,000 online stores in Spain

There are approximately 85,000 active online stores in Spain. One in four of these online shops is based on the ecommerce software from PrestaShop. Magento and OpenCart are also quite popular. This may be the first time someone has really tried to figure out how many online stores there active in Spain.

The research was done by Xopie (in collaboration with financial group Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria), which is a Spanish ecommerce software solution, so you maybe want to take all of this with a grain of salt. But on the other hand, Xopie not really puts itself forward, as the company on its own website mentions there are 26,713 shops using Xopie opened, but in the study it states there are only 1,100 Xopie shops active.

Anyhow, the company got the number of 85,000 online stores in Spain by analyzing data they got by interviewing ecommerce software companies and checking online statistic tools. It classified the number of active online stores in Spain into different categories, like ‘software solution’ and ‘SaaS provider’.

PrestaShop most popular ecommerce software in Spain
When looking at the most popular open source ecommerce software solution in Spain, PrestaShop is clearly the winner. Approximately 22,000 online stores active in Spain are based on this open source software. The original French company is followed by Magento, with 5,500 online stores in Spain, and OpenCart, which has about 2,500 stores up and running in the Southern European country.

When looking at online stores that are being runned using software-as-a-solution, Xopie seems to be the number one as there are 1,100 active online stures using this software. Ozongo (1000 online stores) and Jimdo (800 online stores) are also quite popular. Xopie also looked at online stores that are using ePages and are hosted on a server. Web hosting company 1 & 1 from Germany has the most Spanish online stores hosted, as there are 5,000 of them. Arsys and Strato follow with respectively 3,000 and 2,000 online stores.

The 85,000 active online stores in Spain are nothing compared to the 230,000 online stores in the UK or the 110,000 online stores in France. And for our Dutch ecommerce blog Webwinkel Weblog we stated there are approximately 70,000 active online stores in the Netherlands. But please take in mind these aren’t official numbers, every organization or website has had its own way of coming up with these stats.

Online stores in Spain(Source infographic.)


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