This is how German customers imagine the ideal online store

When German online shoppers judge an online store, they think punctuality, speed and a good price-performance ratio are particularly important. A good home page should also include information about offers or discounts, shipping costs and all the possible payment options, German online consumers think.

GermanyEspecially when it concerns online shops selling fashion, furniture, sporting goods or pet articles, online shoppers were above-average interested in receiving offers on the home page, as a study from Konzept & Markt shows. For this study – written about on Etailment – 8,134 people were surveyed who bought products of services online during the last twelve months.

Information about offers or discounts on the homepage is expected from 49% of shoppers surveyed. Information about shipping costs (44%) and payment options (43%) is slightly less popular, but is way more often expected to put on the homepage than a search box, which is expected by only 38% of the German consumers! And only 22% attach importance to a shopping cart on the homepage of an online store.

Online shoppers surveyed were asked the question what they think the three key elements on a homepage are:
German online store

Important elements of an ecommerce site
When asked about several shop elements, respondents got the option to rate these, from 1 (“not at all important”) to 10 (“very important”). German online customers think it’s most important that an online store delivers the correct goods (8.9), that the online store delivers the goods quick and timely (8.6) and that there’s a good price-performance ratio (8.5).

Other important elements an ecommerce site should have: “it offers reasonable shipping and return costs” (8.5), “I can find what I’m looking for” (8.4), “It offers informative product descriptions” (8.3), “It looks trustworthy” (8.3), “It generally offers a comprehensive range of goods” (8.2), “It has a quickly findable search box” (8.2) and “It sells quality products” (8.1).