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Uber Eats and Foodora leave Austria

Uber Eats and Foodora leave Austria

A few days after Uber Eats announced it would withdraw completely from Austria, another food delivery service, Foodora, shares the same message. But the Delivery Hero-owned company disappears from Austria, because the parent company focuses on its other food delivery service, Mjam, instead.

Last Thursday, Uber Eats said it would completely withdraw from the online delivery market in Austria. The delivery service was present in Vienna for two years, but the company didn’t grow as hard as it hoped and expected.

‘Surprising that Uber Eats already leaves’

Der Standard spoke with Benjamin Herr of the University of Vienna, who said he’s surprised by this step. “Of course, in this industry it’s part of the business model that one player remains and has a monopoly. In some cities you can see that sooner or later a food delivery service withdraws. However, it’s a bit puzzling that Uber Eats is already doing this in Vienna.” It’s now reported that Uber Eats will launch its services in Zurich (Switzerland) later this year.

Foodora also leaves Austria

A few day laters, Foodora announced it will give up the Austrian market. Not for the same reasons as Uber Eats, though. It’s just that the company, founded in Germany in 2014 and active in Austria since 2015, is part of Delivery Hero. And so does Austrian food delivery service Mjam. Delivery Hero has now decided it wants to concentrate on just one brand in Austria.

Mjam and are the only ones left

In Austria, it looks like there are now only two major brands left in the competitive food delivery market: Mjam and, which is part of the Dutch company In December last year, Takeaway acquired Delivery Hero and Foodora in Germany, in return for cash and 9.5 million shares.


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