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UKTI launches programme to help ecommerce companies sell cross-border

UK Trade & Investment has launched the UKTI e-Exporting Programme which aims to help businesses thrive abroad in some of the world’s largest ecommerce markets. The UK Government department, working with businesses based in the UK to ensure their success in international markets, says the programme is the first of its kind in the world.


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This because of the fact UKTi is the only organization to hold the operational information of global B2C and B2B online marketplaces with the central aim of using the information to revolutionize exporting. With the new programme, businesses in the UK will have access to a new suite of services which helps them boost their international trade.

This Monday, Trade Minister Lord Livingston launched the government support package at the Autumn Fair in Birmingham. The programme was created to ensure British companies are best places to tap into the huge opportunities that exist online. “The growth of technology has dramatically changed consumers’ purchasing habits with Britons now spending approximately £91 billion a year online making the UK one of the world’s leading e-commerce countries.”

The goverment department is working with a number of international e-marketplaces like Harper’s Bazaar, Rakuten, Amazon China and Tmall China. “Operating through these e-marketplaces presents a cost-effective way for companies – particularly small and medium-sized businesses – to increase their reach in terms of both numbers and geography. The programme encourages UK exporters to reach out to the generation of digitally-capable consumers who are increasingly influenced through online channels”, the organization states on the official website of the UK government.

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“The United Kingdom leads the world in cross-border online sales, but there is still much more we can do to help British business seize this huge opportunity with forecasts of 3 billion online consumers in just 3 years”, Lord Livingston said. “Trading online is a great way to start exporting to a new country, enhance distribution in an exciting market and effectively sell while you sleep. UK products are great! It’s time to take them to the world.”

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